Elite Sprinkler Systems and the residents of Troy, MI worked together to make their great city save water. Residents and other visitors flock to the famous Red Oaks Waterpark in Troy, MI to bond without worrying about the costs since they have saved plenty from hiring our irrigation services in Troy, MI. We can repair the leaking parts, fix any valve issue, and install the ideal irrigation equipment based on your needs.

Elite Sprinkler Systems professionally designed irrigation systems can be strategically positioned to direct the water by location, timing and need instead of allowing runoff on sidewalks or driveways. Depending on the climate and soil conditions in Troy, MI, your lawn will likely require 30 to 60 minutes of watering once or twice a week. Too much or too little water can result in an unhealthy landscape, but with a properly scheduled automatic irrigation system you can rest easy knowing your plants will receive the perfect amount of water with little to no waste.

We only use the highest quality components, combined with professional workmanship, we offer the best value in residential and commercial lawn sprinklers for the Troy MI community. Our irrigation services include but are not limited to; spring start up, maintenance & repair, spring start ups, and winterizations.

Our mission is simple; to help people in the Troy MI community save time, money and water!


Start Conserving Water Now and Start Save Nature

Troy, MI has lots of parks which probably shows how much they care about preserving nature. Elite Sprinkler Systems allows people to do that with our top-of-the-line irrigation equipment installed by our certified designers, foreman, and plumbers. These professionals have many years of experience in planning an irrigation system that best fits your property.


Conserving Water from your Irrigation System Means Saving Money

It is always better to think of ways to cut your monthly costs. Why not start by working with us and make your sprinklers give just the right amount of water?

We have experts who will do a great job repairing problems that are causing your water bill to rise and installing a sprinkler system in your home in Troy, MI. You can also ask our experts to upgrade your current equipment to make it more cost-efficient.

Their suburbs are considered the best, and that’s probably because their yards are carefully maintained only by the top experts in irrigation services by making the necessary repairs. You can meet these experts by hiring Elite Sprinkler Systems in Troy, MI.

What Can You Do To Make Your Irrigation Systems More Cost-Efficient

✓ Saving water means positioning the sprinkler heads on the perfect spot, timing, and need. You won’t have to step on wet driveways or sidewalks. Our team will perfectly install the sprinkler heads by using proven strategies and years of experience. We will fix any sprinkler head facing the wrong way!

✓ Saving money means saving your business. No business owner would want to keep paying those large bills. Every company will look for a solution for their problems on costs. Water consumption is one of the factors that businesses are spending too much money on. So, if your business is in Troy, MI, stop worrying about the bills and start working with us.

✓ You will have to check on your watering schedules from time to time. If you want to save more water, you will have to change the schedule based on the climate and condition of your soil. For your lawn to achieve that perfect shade of green, you will have to set your sprinkler systems to water your turf for thirty to sixty minutes.

✓ Too much or too little water can result in an unhealthy landscape. How can you maintain a healthy turf? You will have to work on the controls to schedule the automatic irrigation system properly. This allows you to rest easy without worrying about diseases, weeds on your lawn, and insects living in it.

✓ By giving the right amount of water to your lawn, you will not waste water any more. Another reason you’re wasting a lot of water is that your irrigation has many cracks. Our team has the right tools and parts to repair every issue that you will find.

✓ Our experts will install only the highest quality components from the best brands. The parts will surely be sturdy and resilient from ground motion and weather changes!

✓ Before you bond with your family around the fireplace during the winter season, don’t forget to call us to prepare your irrigation system for Spring Winterization services. If spring is already on its way, you can contact us to prepare your system for your water needs.

You never have to worry about your bills again. You never have to worry about keeping your lawn healthy. You never have to worry if you’re conserving water. After working with Elite Sprinkler Systems in Troy, MI, all you will be worrying about is what nature park in Troy, MI you will be spending with your family.

Free your minds from worries.
Free your finances from worthless costs.
Free your hands from complicated work.
Feel free to call us for your irrigation needs!


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