Healthy and Green Lawn Starts With The Best Irrigation System For Your Property

You’ve invested time, money, and energy into your property. Elite Sprinkler Systems takes pride in protecting your investment, and helps you select the right residential irrigation system. We are committed to providing professional residential landscaping contractor services in a reliable, timely and efficient manner. Our experienced team members along with advanced lawn sprinkling equipment guarantee you the best lawn sprinkling system at the lowest possible price and best service. Elite Sprinkler Systems uses the top brands on the market to ensure the highest quality installation or repair for your home (e.g., Rain Bird, Hunter, and Irritrol Lawn Sprinklers and Irrigation Systems).

Elite Sprinkler Systems offers:

  • Spring Start Up
  • Repair
  • Install
  • Winterization Services

The main goal at Elite Sprinkler Systems is to provide world class customer service with a value to match.



Why Should You Have Professionals Install Sprinkler Systems On Your Home?

Your lawn is the first thing people see, and installing a sprinkler system will help you make your lawn not be an eyesore to your visitors and customers. Still, there’s more to an irrigation system than giving your property that aesthetic appeal.

✓ It won’t drown your turf with water.

Irrigation systems will give your grass the right amount of water. Well, that’s if you don’t “set it and forget it.”, which means you’ll have to change the watering schedules depending if you’re establishing new plants or keeping established plants healthy, changing seasons, and when there’s rain. Overwatering can lead to a lot of problems. Your lawn will be prone to weeds, diseases, and insect problems, leading to expensive chemical treatments.

✓ It won’t drown you with enormous costs.

Your irrigation systems do not only save you from spending money on those expensive chemical treatments. If you water your lawn with a hose or by moving your sprinklers from one spot to another, you might end up leaving it and letting the water run, making your water bills higher. Watering systems provide just enough water to your turf for it to have that perfect shade of green, making it cost-efficient. Make sure your irrigation equipment is from the best brands.

✓ It won’t drown you with the tasks of watering your lawn many times a week.

Watering your turf might seem an easy task, but if you’re doing it with just a hose or moving your sprinklers from one spot to another, it may take you longer than you’d expect and may not give you the results you want. Your sprinkler systems will water your grass just enough for it to send the roots deeper into the soil—the deeper the roots, the healthier and more resilient they are. Plus, you don’t want to get up early in the morning to water your lawn. Our irrigation tools allow you to spend less time on the lawn, giving you more time for yourself and your family.



Add Beauty to Your Home by Installing the Best Irrigation System

Elite Sprinkler Systems Irrigation services knows how much time, effort, and money you’ve put into building your beautiful home. Let our experienced team help you plan, design, and install the ideal sprinkler system for your home. We can also repair your sprinkling equipment to restore it to its best shape.


Add Value to Your Business by Installing the Best Irrigation System

Elite Sprinkler Systems knows how important it is for businesses to reduce costs. Our experts will draft and install the irrigation system that will lessen the expenses of running your company.

Consumers care a lot about how your store looks in choosing where to buy products and services. We will give your business a boost by making sure that lush green lawns are welcoming your customers.

Turn your first-time customers to returning customers, and make more business partners by investing on irrigation services from Elite Sprinkler Systems to install and repair your irrigation systems.

We’ve partnered with the best brands on the market for you to experience only the best services on installing and repairing the ideal irrigation systems for your property.


How Our Awesome Experts Turn Your Lawn Into An Awesome Lawn:

✓ Spring Start-Up

Doing this yourself will only end up in extra costs on fixing damaged pipes or other irrigation components. Let our experts handle the job to maintain your irrigation equipment’s quality.

  • Our team will first check for damages on the irrigation equipment done during the winter.
  • If everything looks good, they will slowly turn on the source valve to let the water flow through the irrigation system and head on to check on the zone valves.
  • They will also check the backflow preventer and turn on the sprinklers to check if they’re working properly.
  • Once everything is checked, they will set the watering schedules of your system based on your needs. It is part of their job to teach you how to set your irrigation systems during changing weathers of spring and summer.


✓ Repair

Restore the irrigation system’s original quality by letting an expert fix cracks, leaks, and other issues.

  • Our experts will arrive at your home with all the tools and parts they need to fix every issue on your irrigation equipment.
  • They will assess the area, the part that needs fixing and check if there is any other issue that needs to be fixed immediately.
  • Our experts understand how important it is to save money and give the best and most cost-efficient solution to your sprinkler system problem.


✓  Install

We’ll provide the ideal sprinkler head and valve for each unique spot, your trees, and shrubs on your lawn.

  • Our designers will come up with a design based on your irrigation needs based on your needs. They will also consider the water pressure, how much sun each spot gets, shade, wind conditions, type of trees, and the design of your landscape.
  • Our foreman will arrive on the site and make the necessary changes on your lawn based on the designers’ plan.
  • Our experts will install your irrigation system using the best techniques and equipment with no damage to your driveway and sidewalk. They will also teach you how to operate your new irrigation system.


✓ Sprinkler Winterization Services

Protect your irrigation systems from freezing temperatures by calling one of our experts on your property.

  • Winter is coming, and so should our team to your home. Our team will shut off the system and drain water from the pipe with the right amount of pressure from our top-of-the-line compressor.
  • The team will turn on the valves to ensure that there is nothing but air coming out from the pipes making your irrigation components be in their top condition.

Elite Sprinkler Systems guarantees that you will experience excellent service. Our experienced team will take the time to understand your needs. We will save you from the worries of rising water bills, from spending a lot of time watering your yards, and from wasting too much water.

When it comes to irrigation, Elite Sprinkler Systems only means business. Meet the experts who will give you the complete irrigation services today!


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