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Elite Sprinkler Systems in Berkley, MI understands how family is important for residents in this close-knit community. We understand that you would rather spend your precious time with your family and friends in attending the Taste of Berkley instead of tending to your irrigation system in the lawns of your beautiful homes and businesses in Berkley, MI.

Our trained technicians will provide you with irrigation services that will not cause many issues for you in the long run. Our team in Berkley, MI will only use quality irrigation components from the best brands. We can also do repairs from a faulty system with experience and in no time.

Common Sprinkler Systems Problems

✓ Wet Driveway, Sidewalk, Or Fence

Wet pavements surrounding your lawn are a sign of overspraying. Many different reasons can cause this problem. One reason is that your previous installer used the wrong head types of nozzle, affecting the spray patterns. Tilted heads and high pressure can also cause this problem.

Hire Elite Sprinkler Systems for the installation and repair of your irrigation equipment in your homes or businesses in Berkley, MI. We will not give you the worry of not having to use the right components for your specific needs.

✓ Brown Spots and Patchy Grown Across Your Lawn

Many homeowners and business owners hired our irrigation services to have lively green lawns. If your previous installer placed the sprinkler in the wrong height, your system is watering your lawn unevenly.

Our team in Berkley, MI has the right skills to ensure that your sprinkler is in the right height. We can adjust the sprinkler heads that were installed too low on your lawn in Berkley, MI which is just an easy fix!

✓ No Water Is Coming Out From Sprinkler Heads

This happens when the top of the sprinkler broke from having been run over by your lawnmower. Check also if the sprinkler is cracked, and if everything looks good, it only means that it’s clogged with lawn debris.

Let our team at Elite Sprinkler Systems fix this problem in your lawn in Berkley, MI for you, and expect your sprinkler will be replaced with a better, sturdier one.

✓ Increased Water Bill

If your water bill has increased even if you already have an irrigation system installed, this may be because a pipe has broken underneath.

It may also be a problem with your watering program. Make sure that you have correctly adjusted your watering schedule.

Our friendly technicians will guide you step by step on how to operate your system’s controller. Call us right away to dig up that broken pipe and get you back to saving money.

✓ Sprinkler Heads Don’t Pop Up, Barely Sprays Water, and Misting Problem

All three problems are caused by too high or too low water pressure. Check if your irrigation components are blocked by debris and check for broken parts or leaks if you feel the water pressure is too low. High water pressure will result in misting. Misting can be fixed by installing a pressure regulator on the valve.

Elite Sprinkler Systems in Berkley, MI will repair this problem for you by using only the best irrigation components from the best brands.

Hire Only The Best Irrigation Company in Town

Elite Sprinkler Systems has experts that have attention to detail and would never do a faulty installation. Our experts in Berkley, MI will restore the quality of your old irrigation systems by repairing leaks or replacing components with sturdier ones.

We will also help you prevent damages on your system from the winter cold through our Sprinkler Winterization service. If you’re ready to meet the spring season, be sure to give us a call to have your systems prepared to beautify your lawns.

Contact us right now to meet our experts in irrigation installation and repair in Berkley, MI to start increasing your savings, and lowering your bills!

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