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Elite Sprinkler Systems in Sterling Heights, MI allows homeowners and business owners to have more time to hang out with their family and friends in Dodge Park, Sterling Heights, MI. Our services will enable you to save more money, and water. All these are possible if you install the best sprinkler that is perfectly customized for the watering needs of your home and business.


Why It’s Important To Talk To Experts In Deciding Which Sprinkler Is The Best For You

You can ask your family and friends about what irrigation system they use for their lawns and gardens. You can read a lot online about which sprinkler is the best. All that information you got online and from the people you know is still not enough for you to tell which irrigation system is perfect for your home and business in Sterling Heights, MI.


If you didn’t ask help from our Elite Sprinkler Systems team in Sterling Heights, MI on sprinkler installation, you might have spent more than you should on that service. Also, if you’re not using the perfect irrigation system for your lawn in Sterling Heights, MI, you might be missing out on a lot of savings. 


How Our Experts Help You Decide On The Right Irrigation System Installation

✓ Our technicians will first listen to what you want to do and have on your irrigation solution for your business or home. 

✓ They will ask you whether conserving water is a priority for you, which of course, we assume is a big yes. 

✓ They will take the time to calculate your lawn area to know which sprinkler gives that kind of coverage.

✓ They will ask about the kind of climate your neighborhood experiences.

✓ They will ask and test if the water pressure in your home or company is enough to power your sprinkler. 

✓ Our experts will also look into the kind of vegetation in your landscape.

What Our Experts Will Do To Maintain Your Sprinkler Quality

After our experts install the perfect sprinkler system on your property, they will teach you how to set the watering schedules properly on your controller. And yes, they can set it for you depending on the current climate. 

Be sure to set it when the seasons or weather change, unless you want to see dry brown patches on your lawn. If you want to get the most out of your investment, never use the “set it and forget it” approach. 

If you think your old irrigation system is not performing the way it’s supposed to be, call us, and we will have your irrigation equipment fixed right away. There are maybe issues in your in-ground sprinkler system that only our experts in Elite Sprinkler Systems can repair. If you’re using the same sprinkler for many years, our experts will also help you decide on the best irrigation system update.

End the Winter Season Without Unnecessary Costs on Repairs

Sprinkler Winterization of your sprinkler system is essential for you to stop wasting money on repairs. Elite Sprinkler Systems in Sterling Heights, MI have in their hands the right compressor to blow out every drop of water in your irrigation components. 

Letting Us Start Up Your Sprinkler For the Spring Stops You From Wasting Money

Here at Elite Sprinkler Systems, we will ensure that starting your sprinkler systems up will not end up in costs by doing it the right way with our Spring Start-Up service. We will factor in the water pressure to ensure that we’re not damaging any valves inside and outside your home or business.


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