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Spring Start-up

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Avoid Expensive Repairs With Our Spring Start-up Service in Michigan

Let The Pros Handle Spring Start-up

You think you’re saving money by not calling us in starting up your sprinkler system in your lawns in Michigan. You think all those videos you’ve watched and all those articles you’ve read will provide you the right steps in starting up your specific sprinkler systems. Well, you thought wrong.

The experts at Elite Sprinkler Systems in Michigan are well-informed of every irrigation component and every product model from each brand. We know exactly how everything works. Our expertise lets us know exactly how to start up your sprinklers in spring without causing any more damage to issues that your irrigation equipment may have gained during the winter season.

How You Can Add Unnecessary Costs on Repairs and Increase Your Water Bill

✓ You didn’t check for dust, clumps of dirt, grass cuttings, and other lawn debris. Lawn debris can potentially clog the sprinklers, and this damages the nozzles and the spray heads.

✓ You suddenly turned your irrigation system on full blast. The sudden pressure can burst the underground pipes, damage the valves and nozzles, and the sprinkler system on your lawns in Michigan might shoot up from the intense water pressure and sudden water flow.

✓ You didn’t change the watering schedule of your irrigation system.

✓ You incorrectly set the wrong time and date on your watering schedule.

✓ You might accidentally enable two or more watering programs. This mistake might end up in over-watering resulting in drying patches on your lawn, weeds growing, and fungi growth. In short, your lawns in Michigan will lose their aesthetic appeal.

How We Can Remove Unnecessary Costs Repairs and Decrease Your Water Bill With Our Spring Start Up

Elite Sprinkler Systems in Michigan have experts who have the complete checklist on starting your sprinklers up for spring.

✓ Our trained technicians will check your irrigation system’s controllers. They will clean away debris, perform the needed repairs on your controller, and check if the batteries need replacing.

✓ Our experts in Michigan will clean up lawn debris clogging the sprinkler heads. Removing the lawn debris removes the chances of damaging irrigation components.

✓ Elite Sprinkler Systems in Michigan will properly set the watering schedules for your lawns in Michigan. They know what time and what day each sprinkler zone should spray water to every specific zone, depending on the plantains present in those areas. They can accurately set the watering schedules from their knowledge of how different climatic conditions affect turf grass, plantings, and the soil.

✓ Our team in Michigan will also alert you for wear and tear in your irrigation system. This prevents minor problems which require minor repairs and minimum costs from turning into major problems that require major repairs and expensive costs.

✓ We will talk to you about what we found out and propose a plan of action. We will only do the necessary repairs only if you authorize us to do so.

The Best Time To Contact Us For Spring Start-Up services

You can start contacting us early in April to the middle of May. Starting your sprinkler systems in Michigan depends entirely on you—well, as long as it’s between April and May. You can have us in your lawn early if you have insulated valves or have an idea of draining your backflow device. Also, if you want an early start and have the time to monitor temperatures and wrap the devices when the temperatures start to drop.

We Do More Just Start Up Your Sprinklers

Elite Sprinkler Systems knows how much you want to save money, time, energy, and water while keeping the aesthetic value of your lawns in Michigan. Our experienced team will carefully do a Spring Start-Up service that won’t empty your pockets from repair costs.

Contact us, and let us make sure spring and summer days won’t be a bummer because of unnecessary costs!

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