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Elite Sprinkler Systems in Shelby, MI understands how hard-working the working people and business owners are in their quiet town. You know when your hardwork has paid off when you have provided your family with a beautiful home. We can help you make your beautiful home into something even more attractive by having a lush green lawn.

Why Our Clients Feel Relieved That They Didn’t Make It a DIY Job

Sure, almost every service offered by every industry can be done by yourself. If it’s worth it to make it a DIY job, why do our clients feel relieved that they hired us to do this “easy” job?

✓ You can’t 100% Sure If Every Spot On Your Lawn is Getting The Right Amount of Water

Our team will assess your property in Shelby, MI to the fullest. They will factor in the size and shape of your lawn, the local climate, and available water pressure. They will base the placement of your sprinklers on those factors.

✓ You Will Be Taking Too Much of Your Precious Time

The experts from Elite Sprinkler Systems in Shelby, MI have done installation and repair jobs on hundreds of yards in different shapes and sizes. They will not have time to idle since they know exactly what they will do from start to finish once they arrive on your lawn. Depending on the size of your lawn, they can install your irrigation system at least in a day!

We have the right tools and equipment in our truck that will make the job faster. So, let us do the job so you can bond with your family in Stony Creek Metropark in Shelby, MI


✓ Nobody Wants To Pay For Their Costly Mistakes

You can write down the steps on how to install, repair, do Sprinkler Winterization and Spring Start-Up, and buy the right parts, and still end up wasting a lot of your hard-earned money.

Our technicians in Shelby, MI know precisely how to repair every issue, and they will do it without giving you a hefty bill.

✓ Don’t Break Your Back Only To End Up In Spending Money Fixing Your Errors

Installing your irrigation system on your lawn in Shelby, MI requires a lot of back-breaking work. You’ll have to dig up trenches (are you sure you’re digging in the right place?) and fill them in. Elite Sprinkler Systems in Shelby, MI will bring with them the right machines and equipment to do the job fast and with zero errors.

✓ You Don’t Want To Rent Machines That You Don’t Know How To Operate

Preparing your irrigation system for the winter season will require a high-volume air compressor. The lowest rental price for an air compressor with the lowest output is between $900 to $1,100. Is it really worth it paying for that much plus the costs of fixing your installation and repair mistakes?

Elite Sprinkler Systems in Shelby, MI will bring the right air compressor to blow out water from your irrigation equipment.

Doing It Yourself Costs More Money, Time, and Energy Than Hiring Our Experts

Business owners and working people have a high degree of perseverance. They try hard to make sure their families are living the best life in the tight-knit neighborhoods of Shelby, MI. Our Irrigation Services in Shelby, MI are here to take some off your plate. We offer the irrigation services you deserve without you having to spend more.


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