Elite Sprinkler Systems gives homeowners and business owners in Royal Oak, MI the best irrigation services. Helping residents give more value to their homes and businesses by repairing parts, fixing all issues, and installing an irrigation system in Royal Oak, MI. Already have an irrigation system, but still got huge costs on water use? Let’s upgrade your equipment today!

Elite Sprinkler Systems provides irrigation services for both residential and commercial properties throughout Royal Oak, MI. We can reduce the long-term out of pocket water expense for your Royal Oak, MI homes landscape. Our goal is to provide the most water efficient lawn sprinkler & irrigation system design, installation, maintenance, winterization and repair.

In addition to routine sprinkler and irrigation system maintenance, our staff at Elite Sprinkler Systems is ready to assist you with the major decisions concerning your Royal Oak, MI residential or commercial outdoor watering needs. Whether the project scope includes major system upgrades, irrigation system redesign due to landscape changes, new lawn sprinkler system installation, or laying out an action plan to begin implementing a water conscious program to irrigate your landscape, we will be there as your best choice for a lawn sprinkler and irrigation contractor in the Royal Oak, MI area.

Greet Your Visitors In Your Lush Green Lawn

If you ask anyone from Royal Oak, MI about what it’s like living there, you’ll probably get an answer about how close-knit the neighborhoods are. They will also talk about how amazing and passionate business owners are. Their homes and stores being welcoming to everyone can be why people from this humble city said that. There’s nothing more welcoming than a lush green lawn!

Your neighbors and customers in Royal Oak, MI will undoubtedly think that they will experience a great welcome. Seeing how much you care about making the outside of your property look good, they will surely think the same care will be given to them.

Our Irrigation Systems Will Cut Your Household’s Monthly Costs

Elite Sprinkler Systems will help you save money in the long run by lowering your household’s water consumption, helping you save up for that trip you’re planning to have with your family to explore wildlife at the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak, MI. You can start by installing a new irrigation system or repairing your old one.



Cut Your Business’ Monthly Expenses by Getting the Right Irrigation System From Us

Business owners like you will be able to reduce your company expenses by not having to pay much for their bills. If you’re looking into expanding your business in Royal Oak, MI, start saving money with us. It is important that managers hire someone to check for leaks. Let the team from Elite Sprinkler Systems repair them. You can also ask our team to install and upgrade the system. 


Hire Our Experts To Know Which Irrigation Equipment Is Right For Your Needs

If you’ve recently moved to Royal Oak, MI, call us, email us, or contact us by clicking the button below right now to have the ideal sprinkler systems for your home or your business.

We will make sure that you’re not wasting water on your current irrigation system by checking and fixing any leaking issues or cracks on the valves or pipes. Have our experts take a look at your system if you see a rise in your water bill.


Deciding to Hire Us Now Is Deciding To Start Your Money-Saving Goal

We are also trusted by business owners and homeowners of Royal Oak, MI in helping them make a decision. We can help you, too, in making the best decision for your water needs without emptying your pocket. Don’t decide to do the repairs yourself, let our team fix and install the right components.


If You’re Going Through One of the Situations Below, Call Us Right Away!

✓ If you have bought a bigger home, moved to a new location for your business, we can work with you in finding the ideal system upgrades and installation that fit your new needs. If you find the irrigation equipment of the last owner faulty, make sure only the best people repair the parts.


✓ Maybe you’ve renovated your home, from the basement to your front yard. Our team is trusted in redesigning your current irrigation system or do the needed repairs to fit the changes you have made on your landscape.


✓ Have you expanded the area of your lawn? Let our experts make that new spot as green and lively as the other spots on your lawn by placing, replacing or repairing the needed parts.


✓ Maybe you’re a business owner looking into taking part in the noble movement of water conversation. We can help you contribute to that movement by coming up with a water-conscious program without losing the lush green color of your turf.


✓ We can make your systems ready for winter with our Sprinkler Winterization service to prevent damage from the cold or make them ready for spring and summer with our Spring Start-Up services to have the beauty of your grass restored.


Expect that Elite Sprinkler Systems will do their very best by using only the best brands with the best people in Royal Oak, MI to do this job. We don’t provide anything below the best standards.

Free your minds of worry from rising water costs, from maintaining your sprinklers many times a week, and it’s time to be a part of the green movement by lowering your water use. We can do the repairs perfectly, and the installation properly.

We don’t only save time and money. We also take a big part in saving this place we call home, and you can be a part of that by contacting us right now. 


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