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Your home’s sprinkler system is a large investment and one that should be treated as such when it needs repairs. It controls the livelihood of your landscape, so when it stops working properly, you’re putting your lawn at risk. When you contact us to conduct a sprinkler repair, we quickly get to work finding the root of your system’s problem. While inspecting your system, we’ll also evaluate your current equipment to see if it needs to be tuned up or if it simply needs to be replaced with newer, more efficient parts. We will do repairs and system upgrades on systems installed by us as well as those installed by other companies. We are proud to repair sprinkler systems for homes across Southeast Michigan and are committed to keeping our community’s lawns green!


Installing an underground sprinkler is a great way to conserve water and save money on irrigation. Our experts begin planning an efficient automatic irrigation system to help determine the correct Sprinkler System Design Capacity for your yard. Next we will select the right sprinkler head for your yard.

There are three basic types of sprinklers for residential use: large area rotors, rotating stream spray sprinklers, and small area fixed spray sprinklers.

LARGE AREA ROTORS: Cover areas that measure 25′ by 25′ and larger.

SMALL AREA ROTATING: Stream or spray sprinklers are typically used in areas smaller than 25′ by 25′.

FIXED SPRAY SPRINKLERS: Micro irrigation delivers water right at the base of the plant through a system of flexible irrigation tubing, drip emitters, and micro sprays.

Within these groups are pop-up sprinklers, which are installed even with the grade, and riser-mounted shrub heads, which are installed above grade. This 25′ by 25′ measurement is not a hard rule; rather, it is a guideline. The only consideration restricting the size of the area in which spray heads (small area sprinklers) can be used is economics. If a large area rotor can be used, it usually means less pipe, fewer valves, and a smaller controller will be required to complete the job.

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