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Whether you are having Elite Sprinkler Systems install a custom sprinkler solution or simply changing an existing sprinkler system for your Bloomfield MI home our installation team will fully install and program your system if needed. One of our Bloomfield MI sprinkler experts will sit down and help you design a comprehensive solution to address your needs. Installing an underground sprinkler is a great way to conserve water and save money on irrigation. We’ll fully assess all aspects of your needs including automation, level of customer maintenance, coverage area and more.

Elite Sprinkler Systems helps business owners in Bloomfield, MI to take the first step in cutting costs. They won’t be able to take their business to the next level if they keep on racking up costs. Water consumption can be among the factors on why businesses are spending so much money on maintenance costs. 

Add Beauty to Your Lawns, Add More Loyal Customers

A study found out that most consumers care about what a store looks like outside. They tend to trust stores with beautiful exterior appearance compared to those that are not.

So, how can your business stand out among the seas of businesses in Bloomfield, MI? Easy. Make your lawn stand out! Elite Sprinkler Systems Irrigation Services in Bloomfield, MI provides you irrigation equipment from the top brands making sure that your irrigation system will make your lawn in Bloomfield, MI lush green.

Maintaining your landscape is important for your sales. So, if you’re new in the business world, make sure that you’re keeping up with established business in Bloomfield, MI. Elite Sprinkler Systems will provide you an irrigation system installation that is based on your needs.

Restore Your Irrigation System’s Best Shape With Our Repair and Installation Services

For businesses that have been serving the awesome community of Bloomfield, MI for many years, don’t make your businesses be left out from the rising new businesses in your area. Our experts at Elite Sprinkler Systems in Bloomfield, MI will guide you in choosing the best upgrade for your sprinkler systems from the best brands. We can also repair your old irrigation systems to make it work like it’s new.

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Make Your Homes and Your Stores Stand Out Through Our Irrigation Services

Many applaud the amazing architecture in Bloomfield, MI. From houses to commercial buildings, every structure looks absolutely stunning. But why not make your home or your store outshine those around it? You can do this by hiring our experts at Elite Sprinkler System for irrigation services that will meet your every watering need!

What We’ll Do To Keep Our Promises

✓ Our experts will install the irrigation system that is perfect for your location. They will consider how the weather changes in Bloomfield, MI, the water pressure, how many hours will the sun shine on your lawn, the shade, and the kind of plants you have planted on each spot. The installation will be based on the input you’ve given to our certified designers.

✓ Did a different company do the installation of your irrigation system, and its valves started to leak? Save money by hiring us to repair your current irrigation equipment. Our team is prepared for any issue that they will find in your sprinkler system. From repairing valves, the backflow preventer to the sprinkler heads, we will sniff out every issue so you won’t need to hire anyone else.

✓ Winter can mean a lot of trouble for your irrigation components. Like any other consumer in the market, you’d want to make sure that the winter season won’t be leaving you with problems that will lead to repairing your irrigation system’s parts. Hire our experts to make sure that your valves are properly turned off with our Sprinkler Winterization services.

✓ Our high-quality irrigation services also offer Spring Start-Up. Before watching the flowers bloom in spring, make sure you’re calling for our team at Elite Sprinkler Systems to your Bloomfield, MI home or store. We will fix any leaks or cracks from the winter cold and do the needed repairs.


Being a irrigation system install and repair company, we service all but not limited to these locations:

Royal Oak
Shelby Township
Sterling Heights

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